While many of your experiences in the first few months of university will be positive, you should also be mentally prepared for the more negative aspects of student life. Moving away from home and living in a new city is stressful and daunting, not to mention that it can be difficult sharing student halls or a house with other people who may not necessarily be your best friends. Money will be tight and you’ll probably have to juggle work with a part-time job, volunteering, relationships, family commitments and social interests. The drinking and drugs, if you choose to partake, can also take their toll.

The reality is that all of these factors combined may lead you to experience anxiety or depression and can trigger or exacerbate mental health issues. As you start out at university, be sure to find out about the counselling services they offer and look up where you can go for help when things get a bit much. Stay in touch with family and friends from school and make sure you take time out for yourself, to relax and recharge. Most of all – go out there and have an awesome time. Meet new people, find your future best friends, fall in love, have great sex … oh and maybe learn something along the way.

College Survival Guide for the Socially Awkward

Anonymous asked:

What clubs and activities have been the most important to you and why?

For me it was deff theatre. It hurt so bad when I didn’t get parts and there was some cliqueiness but there were so many amazing parts too. The theatre kids became my little family. Always went to parties with them, lived with some of them, ate in the Green Room with them, worked with them. Rejection is painful but I’m glad I was part of it all.


(other admins, add on!)

Anonymous asked:

Does drinking permeate into a lot of student organizations? I want to avoid alcohol and am afraid of being singled out by other students for not wanting to be around alcohol.

Alcohol at BC may seem like an inescapable evil, but that really isn’t the case. Most organizations will have members that sponsor parties and invite people involved with them, but that doesn’t mean you are obligated to pretend. I’ve personally never heard of anyone here ragging on someone for simply saying “I don’t drink”. Don’t be afraid to get involved, if you don’t want to drink then don’t. You won’t be doing shots at general meetings so it is safe to say that everything will be okay.

- ah

thiss-crazy-beautiful-life asked:

When is the plex the least crowded?

Haha, I’m assuming you’re asking because it’s crazy in there right now. It always dies down a month or so after the breaks. It starts getting crowded in the afternoons, especially around 4 or 5, since people tend to exercise after classes are over. If you’re looking for the best times I would say after 8 pm or in the morning before 2 pm. 

- ec