Philosophy/Theology Teachers

Holly Vandewall is pretty awesome-she does Perspectives classes, though I’m not sure if she still does freshmen Perspectives-the class is interesting enough, not a bad workload (weekly quizzes, easy if you skim the reading), shortened the Wednesday night sessions all the time, take home essay for a final

Anonymous asked:

Does BC offer tours or information sessions for prospective students over the summer? I was looking into when I could visit on the website and it only had dates in April on it.

Since the tour guides are student volunteers, I don’t think there are official info sessions/tours. Also, orientations will be happening throughout the summer as well. But I think you should still contact the admissions office through email/phone and see if they can set up anything for you!


Anonymous asked:

PULSE requires 10-12 hours of social service per week. Everyone goes to the same places? How many days per week? Or you do it individually? how does it work.

With the PULSE program, you have several placements to volunteer. A couple of students may go to the same placement as you, but not everyone. The times and days are flexible depending on which placement you have and your class schedule. I went twice a week for 4.5 hours each day. When school starts next year, you get to go to an open house of all of the possible placements you can volunteer at. Some placements can competitive because so many people apply. I know that the Campus School (in Campion) receives several applications for a few positions. -VP

Anonymous asked:

Is there a large amount of Asians in the college?

Um yes? I think? Maybe not compared to other schools though. 

Can anyone speak to the Asian community at BC???

For me, I thought there were so many Asians. But I come from a small school in CT with 3 Asians my graduating class. There are 32% of AHANA students (persons of African-American, Hispanic, Asian or Native American). Is there a large amount of Asians? It’s hard for me to say since I’m very involved in the Asian community. For others, there isn’t much diversity. But everyone can find a place.-VP