Anonymous asked:

What clubs and activities have been the most important to you and why?

For me it was deff theatre. It hurt so bad when I didn’t get parts and there was some cliqueiness but there were so many amazing parts too. The theatre kids became my little family. Always went to parties with them, lived with some of them, ate in the Green Room with them, worked with them. Rejection is painful but I’m glad I was part of it all.


(other admins, add on!)

Anonymous asked:

Does drinking permeate into a lot of student organizations? I want to avoid alcohol and am afraid of being singled out by other students for not wanting to be around alcohol.

Alcohol at BC may seem like an inescapable evil, but that really isn’t the case. Most organizations will have members that sponsor parties and invite people involved with them, but that doesn’t mean you are obligated to pretend. I’ve personally never heard of anyone here ragging on someone for simply saying “I don’t drink”. Don’t be afraid to get involved, if you don’t want to drink then don’t. You won’t be doing shots at general meetings so it is safe to say that everything will be okay.

- ah

thiss-crazy-beautiful-life asked:

When is the plex the least crowded?

Haha, I’m assuming you’re asking because it’s crazy in there right now. It always dies down a month or so after the breaks. It starts getting crowded in the afternoons, especially around 4 or 5, since people tend to exercise after classes are over. If you’re looking for the best times I would say after 8 pm or in the morning before 2 pm. 

- ec

Anonymous asked:

I just switched into Tresch's micro class this afternoon. The first class was today before I switched (so I didn't go). Should I email him (or anyone) that I missed the first class and just switched in, or should I just show up at the next class? Also, do I need to notify the professor of the class I switched out of that I dropped the class?

You should email the new teacher just to check if there’s anything you missed. Some teachers are tougher than others. No need to email the old one though. They expect people to change classes the first week

Anonymous asked:

What is the process after being written up the first time and does it differ from being written up numerous times? asking for a friend

From what I remember, you will have to meet with your RD and/or RA to discuss consequences. They handle each case individually and the consequences given are proportionate to the severity of your transgression/how honest you are with them. I would imagine they get less tolerant each time. Consequences I’ve heard of include deferred housing for the following year, community service, etc. If anyone can add to this or correct my mistakes you are welcome to submit something.

- ec